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Whether you like seeing me with my boobs hanging down.. legs spread or butt pics or specific outfits to be worn you can now order your own custom pics to be sent by email or to your phone. Minimum purchase is $25 US or $40 Cdn which gets you 5 pics...  choose either a) one outfit or b) nude for the set (not several different outfits) and choose realistic poses I can take myself.. no camera man... but I can use the remote selfie shutter. If you have a more elaborate setup costume wise like wonderwoman outfit or something email me to discuss.

OR you can receive for $50US ($80 Cdn) 25 random selfies that I have already taken for other people...such as the ones depicted above.

Your  custom pics will be taken on my phone such as you've seen me post on my twitter.

and of course all my pics are now on my page.

Payment is made by either or giftcard to

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